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Dear Press Start Fic Exchange author:

Hello! I'm really happy that we've matched on any of my fandoms + character(s), because I would love to see more fanworks for any of them :)

I apologize for the length of this letter - feel free to skip whatever doesn't interest you! My prompts are a mix of phrases and possible plots - feel free to ignore/mix/choose what appeals to you in any combination (or just one) or ignore all if you have your own idea :) I've requested many of these characters in other exchanges, so feel free to go looking around this journal for more prompts regarding them :)

General Likes: I love humor, gen, romance, exploring sides of a character that haven't been dwelled on before, and slice-of-life things :) I have a weakness for a lot of tropes including against all odds, all the firsts (of a relationship or a friendship), arranged marriages that work out, coming of age, competence, drunken confessions, earn your happy endings, embracing imperfections, finding home, happy endings, holiday fics, love letters, maybe ever afters, pretend couples become real, secret identities, strong friendships, unexpected love, unrequited pining that is eventually requited, and UST that eventually gets resolved. I do like most AUs (ex. Victorian, modern, crossover/fusion AUs (with any of the fandoms listed below, any fandom I've written for, or can ask the mods if you want ^^), detective AUs, different era AUs, fairytale AUs, mafia AU, medical AUs) :) I also like canon divergent AUs :) I love using different methods to tell a story (letters, emails, diaries, what have you). I also love missing scenes, pre-canon, and post-canon stories :) I also like '5 Things' Stories :)

Examples of H/C tropes I love: accepting injury to protect someone else, amnesia, atonement, illnesses, comfort food/item, cuddling, disappearing, falls from grace, forced to face fear, hospital stays, hugs, learning to be loved, mistaken identity, being on the run, sacrifices, scars, taking care of someone, trapped together, trust issues

General Dislikes: explicit underage sex (please age up any underage character), bad medicine/science (unless related to canon or plot point), rape/non-con unless needed for plot (and please not explicit), incest, scat, graphic violence, bodily fluid play, genderswap AU, A/B/O, bestiality, sex worker AUs/characters getting STDs, character death (of my requested characters) nor mpreg please.

I would love to receive anything for any of my requested fandoms (gen or shippy) - there are more prompts for some of them because 1) I've requested more characters for those fandoms and racked my brain for fic prompts for all of them and 2) I had more ideas for some of them. :) My fandoms are ordered alphabetically and not in any order of preference :)

Gyakutan Saiban | Ace Attorney
Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill

Disclosure: I have played all available Ace Attorney games in English.

There is so much I love about these two characters, but most of all I love how they are willing to do most anything for each other (no matter how impossible it might sound). I ship them and also love them as friends (with Simon as an irrepressible big brother and Athena who will make him have fun if it kills him) ^^;

Possible gen prompts: Scenes from Athena's childhood with Simon taking care of her? What kind of things does Simon's dignity possibly suffer for Athena's sake? (Tea parties? Silly masks? Halloween trick-or-treat runs?) Post-canon fic where Athena and Simon help each other get past the trauma, possibly by doing normal things that Simon and Athena may have missed in their years pre-DD? Does Simon scrutinize Athena's potential romantic interests post-series (and vice-versa)? What kind of case do Athena and Simon end up facing each other with?

Shippy prompts: Post-canon fic where they come to terms with all the misunderstandings and living in a world where Simon isn't incarcerated and on death row. Getting to know each other again without pressure? How would a relationship bloom between them (and how would everyone else react)? How would their first date go? (And do people spy on them? Meddle in some way?)

Feel free to include any of the other AA characters as needed, I love them all :)

Yukimura Chizuru

Disclosure: I have played the original game (and the iOS exclusive story) and watched the anime (Hakuouki and Reimeiroku)/OAVs/movies. I have not played the action game for PSP. I have also not played SSL nor Reimeiroku but am aware of the major plot points of both (as well as Zuisoroku). Feel free to use any canon/meld them in any way.

I'm very fond of Chizuru and I would love to see missing scenes of her in the Shinsengumi. What does she do to help the Shinsengumi during her years with them? I also love how she interacts with the other characters (friendship/romantic) and would love stories about that (quiet moments with Saitou/Hijikata, reacting to Souji's teasing, getting involved again in the Baka Trio's plans to sneak out, eating snacks with Sen, arguing with Kazama/Shiranui, exchanging polite words with Amagiri, etc.). Post-game scenes with any of the characters! Missing scenes in canon! AU where she isn't separated from Kaoru (and how would that affect the entire plot)? Or any way that she can be reconciled with him in any route (except Okita's route, I guess)? In the forever alone ending, what will she do post-epilogue? (Does she meet up with any of the demons or just live life as peacefully as she can in the human world?)

Re: relationships - I ship her with anyone in the tagset (except Kaoru)! (Anyone in the Shinsengumi and any demons). How would a route occur with Sannan/Nagakura/Yamazaki/Amagiri/Shiranui/Senhime?) Missing moments during the game/epilogue? Living life after the war together? All the first times~) Being helped to adjust to the demon culture by the demon she ends up loving? AU where she meets Kazama/Sen/Amagiri/Shiranui/Kaoru first or an AU where she accepts Sen's offer mid-game?

All the AUs are very welcome for this canon/SSLverse. Canon divergent AUs where Chizuru is made aware of her being a demon much earlier or becoming entangled with the Shinsengumi another way (or the other side of the war) or if the Shinsengumi was winning the war? How would she meet the Shinsengumi/demons in another place and time?

Hatoful Boyfriend
Kawara Ryouta, Tosaka Hiyoko, Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya

Disclosure: I have played all the routes in the original game but not Holiday Star.

This game is a gem and these three are some of my favorite characters <3 I love Sakuya's tsundere personality especially with these two and how Hiyoko isn't afraid to call out Sakuya and how Ryouta balances everyone out <3

Prompts: Post-BBL route or combining Ryouta and Sakuya's ends, how would the three interact/live together? (Will Ryouta invite Sakuya and Hiyoko to his workplace?) How would their third year go (probably not post-BBL)? Do they all achieve their dreams? Growing old together? In the post-BBL world, what roles will these three play? (And will they see all the other birds?) AU where they meet in some other way? (Or an all human AU - how would it work? What kind of situation would these three get themselves into?) Anything about them would make me happy actually :) Taking care of each other when one of them is ill? Ryouta and Hiyoko helping Sakuya deal with his strained relationship with Yuuya? Missing scenes in the game?

For this canon, while I do support Ryouta/Sakuya/Hiyoko or any permutation of the three (Ryouta/Sakuya, Hiyoko/Ryouta, Sakuya/Hiyoko) I'd really prefer no smut unless they're all human :)

Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Haruka | May, Tsuwabuki Daigo | Steven Stone

Disclosure: I have played all the main Pokemon games on Gameboy/DS/3DS.

I don't mind if you use the dynamics of R/S/E or ORAS in writing these two! What I like about these two is how Steven Stone respects May (player character) because she proves herself worthy of respect, despite her being new to Pokemon training. I do ship them but I also like their relationship as that of a mentor-student kind :)

Possible gen/shippy prompts: These two finding each other again after Steven's disappearance (and how and where and why would this happen)? Doing research on Mega Evolution and sharing their data with each other? Spending a holiday together (whether cliche like Christmas/Valentines/birthdays to something obscure or made up like Beldum day or Chatot day)? What are their thoughts on each other during and after the game? Why does Steven leave May a Beldum (is there anything more to this action) and what events occur because of it? First dates, last dates (as single people), not-dates that are dates? In an AU, how would these two meet/work together/challenge each other?

Feel free to include other characters here, as I love them all :)

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
Shidou Subaru, Iwafune Saki

Disclosure: I have played the game and all routes! I do ship these two (one of my favorite Saki pairings!) but I'd equally be happy with gen (because even without romance it is clear that Shidou goes from wanting to protect Saki just because she is a girl and it's his job to protect everyone to respecting her thoughts and looking to her for advice) :)

Possible prompts: Meeting up post-canon somewhere (possibly with other people or them alone) - what do they do? Saki decides to ask everyone to spend Christmas together and Shidou goes overboard in preparing security/food/entertainment (???)? Do the events of canon influence Saki in her future career/college course (and how would Shidou react to it)? Finally tracking down Hogstein together in the Shidou route (or any route except the secret route)? What kind of trials would their relationship face post-canon? (Does Shidou get more suave or does he still have dorky moments? And does Saki get to verify if his hair is balding/really is spiky from the get go and how?) Dates with everyone else they know watching/meddling? What kind of mess will these two get themselves into next?

Feel free to include any other characters, I love them all :)

Again, thank you for writing for me and I'm sure I'll love whatever you will write for me :) If you have any questions, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on this post or ask through the mods :)

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