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Three down, two more for that line.

Title: Poorly Planned
Fandom: Pokemon Special
Prompt: Phobia
Medium: fic
Wordcount: 1782
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Gold has a fear of needles, something that he’d never live down if anyone finds out.

Other notes: Used information from http://www.tokyourbanbaby.com/2012/02/baby-vaccinations-in-japan.html for writing this.

Gold is with Crystal when Professor Elm calls.

“Gold! Where are you and Crystal now?”

“Ah, Prof! We’re at… Crys, where are we again?”

She rolls her eyes as she takes the Pokegear from him. “We’ve just left Goldenrod City and heading back there slowly, Professor. Is anything wrong?”

“No, Crystal, but Gold’s mom asked me to contact him since she and his pediatrician looked at his records and apparently Gold’s due for some shots, so she wants him to come back to New Bark Town.”

He twitches and feels sweaty as he hears the dreaded words. He can’t unhear them, damned it all. He tries his best to calm himself, thankful that Crystal is still intently talking to Professor Elm.

“We’ll be there soon, Prof! Tell Gold’s mom not to worry!”

He knows why his mother worries, and he starts plotting how to give Crystal the slip. After all, Prof. Elm doesn’t need both of them to hand over that lady Prof’s research anyway. Crystal can do it while standing on one foot and drunk better than he could, not that Crystal drank. Yeah, it’d be better if Crystal did it herself, wouldn’t want to continue Prof. Elm’s bad impression of him after the whole Togetaro learning how to play Poker and Billiards thing.

She tosses him the Pokegear with a questioning look in her eyes. “Gold, you okay?”

“Yeah, hahaha, just thinking about the Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City!”

She shoots him a confused look but doesn’t ask.


Unfortunately for Gold, Silver meets up with them at the next city, when Gold is still unable to escape from Crystal.

Super Serious Gal was too smart, considering that she had no idea that he was afraid of needles, Gold wryly thought. Already he had tried one plan, it failing spectacularly.

Plan A had been to ‘take a bathroom break’ and slip away, him counting on Crystal’s shyness for her not to check on him no matter how long he took. That had failed when Crystal had instead sent her Xatee, who found him after half a kilometer’s walk and promptly brought him back to a frowning Crystal, who sighed and lectured him on how a job should be completed to the end. He couldn’t even fall asleep, considering Crystal’s Xatee’s feet had dug painful bruises in his shoulders, with her adding some more scolding as she yelled at him to clean them.

Plan B, had he been able to do it before Silver came, would have been to get the TV station interested in another episode with him, since Crystal would probably have a harder time getting him out of that. This would be much harder, now with Silver with them who could better see a Gold lie a mile off, and apparently he planned to come with them all the way to New Bark Town.

“I haven’t watched Protean Omega in a while,” said Silver with a smirk.

He wondered if Crystal had especially put Silver up to this, but she couldn’t since she couldn’t have known of his fear of needles.

Yare, yare. Why couldn’t Mom have waited for me to come back?

He doesn’t really want to remember why he had this damned fear of needles. It didn’t suit him, his dashing style at all.

He was four and his mother had brought him to the pediatrician for a checkup. At that point, his pediatrician had told his mother that he needed his third dose of Japanese encephalitis vaccine, and his mother carefully positioned him in her lap as the pediatrician prepared the shot.

He had not been prepared for the shooting pain, of seeing the needle actually go into his skin, and he bawled and nearly sent the needle flying.

It had taken the pediatrician’s Butterfree’s Sleep Powder to calm him (after a lot of complaints from the other patients and Pokemon), but since then Gold had a fear of needles that wouldn’t go away, no matter how irrational he knew it was.

Maybe rational, since it hurts, and people survived millions of years ago without getting their vaccines.

I really have to make a good plan, he thought while trying hard not to think about needles and pain and possibly dying from it.

He wonders why Silver and Crystal look at him strangely and tries to break the tension.

“Ehehe, let’s go, guys! The research won’t deliver itself, ‘ya know!”


Plan C would have worked if not for Silver’s damned habit of training his Pokemon in the dead of night.

His plan was to sneak off in the night while Silver and Crys slept in the Pokemon Center. He had not counted on Silver sneaking off in the middle of the night to damned train, else he would have planned (?) for it.

Also, apparently Silver kept a Pokemon on lookout while he trained which reported to him, so in the middle of Gold’s great escape Silver landed in front of him with a frown, “Are you trying to get out of helping Crystal again?”

“No, no!”

“Then let’s have a match, if you’re awake enough to trample through the woods as noisily as a Donphan.”

He was too tired afterwards to escape after he lost to Silver.


Gold was proud of Plan D, though his head was starting to hurt from all the plans he had thought about.

If Gold got sick, maybe they’d leave him at a hospital and deliver the research on their own. Surely the shot wouldn’t be given to a sick kid, right?

He planned it quite well, he thought. He’d ask his Sunflora to carefully place Stun Powder on him, maybe even a light Poisonpowder if it could wing it, then he’d certainly look too sick to continue. If that wasn’t enough, he had a plan for Explotaro, even a costume, to pretend to be a bad Team Rocket and ‘give’ him realistic looking injuries.

He probably shouldn’t have made Explotaro’s mask look like Silver’s face, though, otherwise his plan would have been perfect.

What he got instead was Silver ripping off Explotaro’s mask and Crystal releasing her Parasect to secrete something that healed his symptoms, then she let her Meganium kick him into the nearby river to wash off his ‘wounds’.

While he was there, he heard Crystal say to Silver, “I don’t know if this is usual Gold behavior, but he’s acting more rashly, um…”

“Stupid,” supplied Silver.

“Yes, that word, lately.”

“Maybe he’s gone mad.”

Hmm, Gold thought, madness might work. Better think up a new plan.


Plans E, F, and G fail, and Gold wonders if all these failed plans would make Plan H work: make Silver and Crystal angry enough at him to either a) dump him somewhere and forget about him or b) kill him.

With all the nightmares of his getting shots popping up and causing him to stuff part of his shirt in his mouth to stifle the screams that might come out at night –with the added benefit of flustering Super Serious Gal when she sees his exposed chest- even option B doesn’t sound bad anymore. He wonders if he can get someone to hypnotize it out of him, he’s heard that work from the TV. Hmm, a Hypno…

He thinks he’s close anyway to making Plan H work. That last part with Silver getting doused in Explotaro’s poop almost did the trick.


He underestimated Silver and Crystal’s caring for him considering they brought him back to New Bark Town, slightly trembling –but they didn’t need to know that- in one piece at that. (It was a good and bad thing that he had missed Silver’s Gyrados’ Dragon Rage aimed half-heartedly at him.)

“Thank goodness,” Gold’s mother said as she hugged him, after they had delivered the research. “I’m glad you two were with him, otherwise I don’t think he would have come.”

“Why not?”

“Gold, when he was a young child, was really, really afraid of needles. All the Pokemon would have to drag him kicking and screaming to the pediatrician’s office. But I’m sure he’s outgrown it by now, after all your adventures !”

An ominous cracking of knuckles was heard as she let him go, leaving for the kitchen to get some food for all of them.

“Ehehehe, guys?”


“If we have to sit on him, we will” said Crystal grimly, as Silver’s Ursaring and her Meganium brought him into the pediatrician’s office.

Silver grunted in response as he walked in after Gold.

“You may have to,” cheerily said the pediatrician, whom Gold is surprised to note is pretty, but maybe he forgets after he remembers she is the one responsible for giving him the dreaded shots. “Maybe Gold will have outgrown his fear also, after all, he’s grown so much!”

Crystal and Silver exchanged dark looks before glaring at him. “Let’s hope so, sensei” Crystal said in response.

“Aww, have a heart, guys, won’t you untie me first?”

“No,” said Silver grimly.

“Not until the shot is given,” said Crystal equally grimly. “Else you’d run away.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“No,” the two flatly said.

The next thing he knows he is in pain, pain, and then everything goes black.


“You fainted,” said Silver dryly when he comes to, his heart throbbing painfully against his chest and his head woozy. “Your mom wasn’t kidding.”

Crystal looks half-sorry, half-frustrated as she takes off the towel on his forehead. “Gold, you could have made this all so much easier if you had just told us. It’s not like we wouldn’t have understood.”

He looked at her balefully, mistrustfully, and a twinkle appears in her eyes.

“Fine, maybe we would have laughed, but after we would have tried to help. I mean, everyone has their fears, you know. And we’re friends. No wonder you were acting so weird.”

Silver sighed heavily after Gold shook his head. “Do you have any more fears, just so we know, Gold?”

He thinks slowly. “I do have a fear of peanut butter-“

“Be serious, Gold” said Crystal. “I’ve seen peanut butter in your house.”

“I am, Super Serious Gal! I’ve always had a fear of it getting stuck to the roof of my mouth! I mean, what if it doesn’t come off? Wait, there is? In my house?”

Silver looked unhappily at Crystal. “I think that is a real phobia, unfortunately.”

“Noted, no peanut butter for Gold.”

The pediatrician peeks her head out, smiling. “Gold, don’t forget that your next shot is next year, okay?”

Silver and Crystal almost bash their heads against the wall after hearing that, only stopping when they see him attempting to escape.


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