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Dear ShipSwap Writer/Artist,

Hello! I'm really happy that we've matched on any of my fandoms + pairings, because I would love to see more fanworks for any of them :) I'm so excited for this exchange (I love the concept) and I hope you enjoy it as well!

First of all, I apologize for the length of this letter - feel free to skip whatever doesn't interest you! My prompts are a mix of phrases and possible plots in line with the theme of this exchange - feel free to ignore/mix/choose what appeals to you in any combination (or just one) or ignore all if you have your own idea :) Feel free also to check out my previous letters for other exchanges on DW and LJ and use prompts from there :)

General Likes:
  • humor, gen, romance, exploring sides of a character that haven't been dwelled on before, and slice-of-life things :)
  • lot of tropes including against all odds, all the firsts (of a relationship or a friendship), arranged marriages that work out, coming of age, competence, drunken confessions, earn your happy endings, embracing imperfections, finding home, happy endings, holiday fics, love letters, maybe ever afters, pretend couples become real, secret identities, soul bonding (or soulmates of any kind/type, strong friendships, unexpected love, unrequited pining that is eventually requited, and UST that eventually gets resolved. 
  • AUs (ex. Victorian, modern, crossover/fusion AUs (with any of the fandoms listed below, any fandom I've written for, or can ask the mods if you want ^^), detective AUs, different era AUs, fairytale AUs, mafia AU, medical AUs) :) I also like canon divergent AUs :)
  • missing scenes, pre-canon, and post-canon stories :)
  • '5 Things' Stories, epistolary, different methods of telling a story (letters, emails, diaries, text messages), interactive fiction :)

Examples of H/C tropes I love: accepting injury to protect someone else, amnesia, atonement, illnesses, comfort food/item, cuddling, disappearing, falls from grace, forced to face fear, hospital stays, hugs, learning to be loved, mistaken identity, being on the run, sacrifices, scars, taking care of someone, trapped together, trust issues

General Dislikes:
  • explicit underage sex (please age up any underage character)
  • bad medicine/science (unless related to canon or plot point)
  • rape/non-con unless needed for plot (and please not explicit)
  • incest
  • scat, bodily fluid play
  • graphic violence
  • genderswap AU, A/B/O, sex worker AUs/characters getting STDs, mpreg
  • bestiality
  • character death (of my requested characters)

I would love to receive anything for any of my requested fandoms and pairings - there are just more prompts for some of them because I had more ideas for some of them. :) My fandoms are ordered alphabetically and not in any order of preference :) I've consumed all my requested fandoms (everything available in English) so feel free to use any detail from each.  

Clarissa Explains it All (TV Series)

Clarissa Darling/Sam Anders

Note: I have watched all five seasons of the TV series. I have read the book sequel "Things I Can't Explain" and don't mind if you use details from such (or use that as a springboard for your story e.g. exploring what could be in Sam's letter, etc.). Feel free to ignore it as well.

I really, really like Clarissa and Sam and their friendship on TV - I loved their banter and what shenanigans they got into and how they know each other so well, and Sam's climbing into Clarissa's room always made me smile. 

Prompts: Post-series, how do these two get together? (Is there an event that makes them want to try again? And will the time be right?) Does Sam climb into Clarissa's dorm room in college (even if they're in different universities? What madcap adventures can these two have post-high school? Confessions and belated realizations? They decide to fake date for circumstances (maybe a persistent suitor, for money, etc.)? Maybe they work on a video game together for school/profit? Missing scenes in canon? In different circumstances, how could they have met? (Snarky Fairytale AUs?) Dealing with issues with their parents together? Sam helping Clarissa get revenge on Ferguson yet again?

Code: Realize
Abraham Van Helsing/Cardia Beckford, Arsene Lupin/Cardia Beckford, Cardia Beckford/Herlock Sholmes, Cardia Beckford/Victor Frankenstein

Note: I've finished the game with all the routes and extra stories.

I love this game! I love the relationships Cardia has with all the guys I requested her with (and the infinite possibility of what she might have with Herlock Sholmes) and I love how especially in the end how balanced her relationship with Van, Victor, and Lupin are. 

General prompts: Missing scenes during the Cardia training chapter "A Girl's Education" or anywhere else during the game. Post-canon scenes (weddings, proposals, finally curing Cardia's poison for good, nursing each other back to health, teasing each other, investigating something new together). Growing old together. AUs - fairytale, modern, medieval, fantasy, Pokemon, anything! Anniversaries. Letters when they're separated. New adventures post-canon.
Specific prompts:
Lupin/Cardia: He asks her to help him with his next heist (where they may or may not run into Herlock Sholmes). First times. Lupin teasing Cardia over her shyness (or maybe Cardia teases him back). Exchanging presents. Cardia attempts to buy clothes for Lupin, with possible hilarious consequences. Perhaps they go to France/other countries together (for pleasure or business)?

Sholmes/Cardia: How would a Sholmes route go? What if Cardia had in any point in any route, been caught by Sholmes instead (e.g. in Van's route, he encounters Cardia first when she's with Jack the Ripper, or with Lupin, he finds her in Wales when Cardia runs away)? What if Sholmes had found Cardia first instead of Lupin? Circumstances that lead to Cardia having to assist Sholmes in his detective work that eventually lead to something more between them?

Victor/Cardia: She helps him with his research in various ways he expected (and some he didn't). First times. Having to pretend being married for some reason (for the Crown?). Cardia being innocently naive about something much to Victor's embarrassment/frustration (similar to the 'wooly worm' incident). Being teased by Queen Victoria/the gang. Cardia learns more about medicine to help Victor in his clinic?

Van Helsing/Cardia: Their first kiss (or contact) when Cardia finally is safe to touch. Van getting jealous over Cardia getting attention from other men. Cardia trying to do more girlfriendly-like things for Van. Van teasing/trolling Cardia with seductive words/actions. 
General Art prompts: Hugs/kisses/holding hands. Sharing an umbrella together. Running/dancing together. Exchanging presents. Helping each other dress up. Cosplaying other anime. Sharing food? Spending time with Sisi. Chibi art welcome!

Crossover Ships
Cassandra Mortmain (I Capture the Castle)/Lucy Pevensie (Narnia), Fujisaki Akari (Hikaru no Go)/Ryuzaki Sakuno (Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis), Hanajima Saki (Fruits Basket)/Kayashima Taiki (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e | Hana-Kimi (Manga))

Notes: I've finished all the books/manga of the characters in all the ships I've chosen; feel free to use any details as needed.

I've requested many strange ships but I swear that I have reasons for all of them-
Cassandra and Lucy have the wonder yet realism that I love in them; Akari and Sakuno both are trying their best at a sport they've gotten into because of people they admire/care for but have found that they like the sport for themselves in the process (and support their friends as best they can), and Hanajima and Kayashima are both misunderstood because of their special gifts but are kinder than one might expect (and don't hesitate to use their powers to help others/protect their loved ones). I'd love to see any take on any of these relationships, cracky as they might seem.

General prompts: How would the two meet (and develop a relationship)? Spending time together. Bonding over common interests. Penpals/Online relationships that come to a head?

Specific prompts: 
Cassandra Mortmain/Lucy Pevensie: In exploring the new world she lives in (or in searching for Narnia in the real world), Lucy comes across the Mortmain castle. Any way these two would meet. 

Fujisaki Akari/Ryuzaki Sakuno: How would these two meet and have a friendship leading to more? Teaching each other their preferred sport. Supporting each other in their respective competitions? Learning a new sport/skill together?

Hanajima Saki/Kayashima Taiki: What happens when the denpa girl meets the spirit guy? (Maybe they meet each other in university? During a paranormal event that takes over Japan?) Would they team up to sense and release spirits/resolve emotional problems of people together? What kind of dates would they have?
General Art prompts: Holding hands/hugs/kissing. Dancing in the rain. Pursuing their hobbies together?  Writing letters to each other?

Asuma Natsuhiko/Kuga Mikoto, Ichinose Senri/Koharu, Otomaru Heishi/Shiranui Nanami, Shiranui Nanami/Syukuri Akito

Disclaimer: I don't mind if you use elements of the anime or the game (I have finished the game - all routes, epilogue, and extras - and am currently watching the anime as episodes come out). 

I love this game! So fond of it and am hoping that the fandisk gets localized (in my dreams, though). I love the characters and how they interact with each other (friendly or romantic). Natsuhiko and Mikoto's warming up to each other (with Natsuhiko's endearing methods breaking through Mikoto's tsundere personality), Koharu's drawing Senri out of his shell (and Senri's surprisingly dirty mind, haha), Nanami and Heishi's changing each other for the better, and Nanami and Akito's being able to work past their shared issue in the past to walk together in the future. So many wonderful moments and I'd love anything for these guys :)

General prompts: Post-canon moments (new adventures, domestic problems, being called back by The World to help in some way, meeting up with friends, late night talks). Missing moments. All the AUs - Hogwarts/Pokemon/medieval/high school, etc. Letters while apart. Growing old together. Trying to surprise each other.
Specific prompts:
Akito/Nanami: Nanami will learn cooking for him no matter what (and hopefully restrain herself from adding her medicinal herbs). Surprise gifts that go awry. Akito asks advice about love from the rest of the guys for Nanami's birthday. Disastrous shopping moments.

Heishi/Nanami: Nanami and Heishi's disastrous employment at a restaurant (and the consequences of such). Exploring new places together. How does Heishi use his gift of telepathy/feeling emotions of people to tease Nanami? 

Natsuhiko/Mikoto: Mikoto tries to learn more things for Natsuhiko, with possibly disastrous/painful results. Natsuhiko making more things for Mikoto (with or without her knowledge). 

Senri/Koharu: How would Senri propose? Going to the beach together. What else would Senri teach Koharu in their lives together? Combining their powers in some way.
General Art prompts: Hugs/kisses. Dressing up as other anime characters. Missing moments in the dream world in those outfits (!!). With Hiyokos (particularly disastrous for Akito, if present). Sharing an umbrella together. Running/eating together.  A moment on the Norn/on the base. Sleeping together. Post-canon view of them?

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Calme/Serena | Calem/Serena, Haruka/Tsuwabuki Daigo | May/Steven Stone, Haruka/Yuuki | May/Brendan, Kotone/Red | Lyra/Red

Note: I've finished all the Pokemon games the characters I've nominated are part of. I don't mind if you use ORAS or R/S/E for May/Brendan or May/Steven.

I'm a life-long fan of Pokemon and I especially love these pairings. (I was gifted a wonderful May/Brendan fic in the last ShipSwap and an equally wonderful May/Steven fic in Press Start, but I will always want more Pokemon fanfic :)) I'd love to see anything exploring the relationships between the ships I've chosen :)

General prompts: How they get together. Confessions. Post-canon moments, missing moments in canon. AUs of any kind (though I'd love to see their Pokemon incorporated in some way, if possible). Raising a Pokemon together. Trading Pokemon to remember each other ~  Avoiding Zubat spawns for the x time and then falling into a terrible trap instead. First times. Going on an adventure together (in or in other regions). 
Specific prompts:
Calem/Serena: Rematches and what they mean. Sharing a room for one night. Letters while apart. Winning tickets to somewhere and taking the other with them. A mega stone finding competition between the two of them with the winner getting a prize? Matchmaking schemes by friends that fail, much to their amusement? 

Lyra/Red: How Lyra gets Red off that mountain, by hook or by crook. Safari Zone competitions. How do you capture the mythical Red - Lyra can write a book about it. The Regional Champion penpal project. 

May/Brendan: BuzzNav: "The Professor and the Champion! Breaking News!" (Everyone ships it. Terribly.) Running into each other all the time and what could it mean? Terribly romantic/romantically terrible confessions. By the next time that meteor shower comes around, one of them is determined to confess. The schemes of parents/Elite Four members/etc. in matchmaking them?

May/Steven Stone: Rematches and what they mean. Matchmaking father/s. Pretend dating. Odd surprises. Metagross x Metagross battle in the future. May's follow up gift to his gift of Beldum. May is determined to find Steven Stone, even if she has to go to all the regions to do so? 
General Art prompts: Pokemon battles! With their Pokemon. Flying on a Pokemon together. One falling asleep on the other's shoulder. Hugs/kisses. Exchanging presents. Swapping parts of their clothing.

Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Domitan of Masbolle/Keladry of Mindelan, Faleron of King's Reach/Keladry of Mindelan

Note: I've finished all the Tortall books. 

I love Tortall and all the books, but I'm especially fond of the Protector of the Small series. I like Kel's relationship with both Dom and Faleron because their relationships are very balanced, which could be a good foundation for something more. :) I was given a wonderful Kel/Faleron fic for NOFM, but I will always love more Tortall fic :)

General prompts: Post-canon moments. Missing moments within canon. Letters while apart. Other people gossip about them when they still aren't together, with hilariously disastrous results. Silly moments between lovers. Going on an adventure together. First times. Confessions. Kisses at Midwinter (or any time in general). Playing a prank on someone together.
Specific prompts:
Dom/Kel: How they get together. Spending the holidays together (in New Hope, in Corus, etc.). Prank war; Kel's winning. Surprise message/items during the war/post-war. People betting on when they'll get together (and attempting to 'secure' their bets). Telling Neal about them. Missions for the King's Own? Kel somehow inadvertently meets Dom's family because of her assignment as a knight while Dom is away (and his family starts wondering about their friendship)? 

Faleron/Kel: How they get together. Silly mathematics problems of supply post-canon causing them to have tutoring sessions. Faleron gets assigned to help at New Hope. When a challenge or task is given to Faleron (maybe involving jousting or mathematics), Kel is the only one who can help him. In a different twist, maybe Kel needs help from Faleron regarding legal matters? Do they keep in touch during the Scanran War or after? Kel gets assigned to help Faleron with his fief after the war?

Again, thank you for writing for me and I'm sure I'll love whatever you will write for me :) If you have any questions, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on this post or ask through the mods :)

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