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Dear Fandom Growth Exchange Author,

Hello! I'm really happy that we've matched on any of my fandoms + pairings, because I would love to see more fanworks for any of them :) I'm really really excited for this exchange and I think it's lovely :)

I apologize for the length of this letter - feel free to skip whatever doesn't interest you! My prompts are a mix of phrases and possible plots - feel free to ignore/mix/choose what appeals to you in any combination (or just one) or ignore all if you have your own idea :)

General Likes: I love humor, gen, romance, exploring sides of a character that haven't been dwelled on before, and slice-of-life things :) I have a weakness for a lot of tropes including against all odds, all the firsts (of a relationship or a friendship), arranged marriages that work out, coming of age, competence, drunken confessions, earn your happy endings, embracing imperfections, finding home, happy endings, holiday fics, love letters, maybe ever afters, pretend couples become real, secret identities, strong friendships, unexpected love, unrequited pining that is eventually requited, and UST that eventually gets resolved. I do like most AUs (ex. Victorian, modern, crossover/fusion AUs (with any of the fandoms listed below, any fandom I've written for, or can ask the mods if you want ^^), detective AUs, different era AUs, fairytale AUs, mafia AU, medical AUs) :) I also like canon divergent AUs :) I love using different methods to tell a story (letters, emails, diaries, what have you). I also love missing scenes, pre-canon, and post-canon stories :) I also like '5 Things' Stories :)

Examples of H/C tropes I love: accepting injury to protect someone else, amnesia, atonement, illnesses, comfort food/item, cuddling, disappearing, falls from grace, forced to face fear, hospital stays, hugs, learning to be loved, mistaken identity, being on the run, sacrifices, scars, taking care of someone, trapped together, trust issues

General Dislikes: explicit underage sex (please age up any underage character), bad medicine/science (unless related to canon or plot point), rape/non-con unless needed for plot (and please not explicit), incest, scat, graphic violence, bodily fluid play, genderswap AU, A/B/O, bestiality, sex worker AUs/characters getting STDs, character death (of my requested characters) nor mpreg please.

I would love to receive anything for any of my requested fandoms and pairings - there are more prompts for some of them because I had more ideas for some of them. :) My fandoms are ordered alphabetically and not in any order of preference :) I've consumed all my requested fandoms (which are all currently finished except for Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun which I am always updated with), so feel free to use any detail from each, no need to worry about spoilers.

Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery

Canon: Anne of Green Gables is a series of novels revolving about Anne Shirley, a girl with a wonderful scope of imagination. Jonas and Philippa, the characters nominated in the only pairing, appear in the third book (Anne of the Island). Jonas Blake is first introduced in a letter to Anne from Philippa as a Theological Student in charge of Point Prospect Mission Church for the summer that Philippa meets him and is described as 'really, the ugliest young man I've ever seen... He has a lovely voice -if you shut your eyes he is adorable-and he certainly has a beautiful soul and disposition'. Philippa Gordon is Anne's friend (and later housemate) while she studies at Redmond College and is a social butterfly with enchanting looks who is chased by numerous boys.

Jonas Blake/Philippa Gordon

Comments: We see their romance in Anne of the Island mostly through Philippa, how she writes to Anne first insulting him (about his looks) then talking about how his sermon made her feel 'so small and insignificant... how horribly different I must be from Jonas' ideal woman' and then talking about what it would be like to be Mrs. Jonas Blake ('WOULD they expect me to lead in prayer?'). ^^; Later on Jonas does visit Phil at their boarding house and everyone tells Phil to be careful not to break his heart, to which she says 'I mean to make him ask me to marry him if I can'. Later on, Phil does say this when teasing Anne about Roy Gardiner (a new beau), 'I smell romance. Almost do I envy you, but not quite. After all, Roy Gardiner isn't Jonas.' For all Phil's teasing, she is serious about the relationship, declaring to Anne that 'if he WON'T ask me to marry him I'll ask him, that's all'. They do marry (with Phil sneezing three times while he was asking her) and by all reports they were very happy with each other. Jonas and Phil very much balance each other with his seriousness and her gaiety and their way of understanding people more than they let on.

Prompts: All the missing scenes where their relationship became more serious, the mishaps Philippa gets into while trying to impress Jonas (when she doesn't really have to), any moments that we didn't see in Anne of the Island. How does Jonas show his feelings for Philippa and vice versa? How is married life for them? Philippa's daydreams (with possible mishaps) that she didn't tell Anne? How would these two meet in a different time or place? (Modern/Medieval/etc.) How did Jonas propose to Phil (with the aforementioned 'sneezing three times while he asked')?

バクダン★ハンダン | Bakudan Handan | Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

Canon: Sweet Fuse is an otome/mystery game for the PSP wherein the player character (Iwamine Saki) attends the opening of a video game-themed theme park which is hijacked by a certain Count Hogstein (and his minions) who declares that he will blow up the park in seven days if seven people do not clear his challenges. Saki volunteers and then meets the six other players of Hogstein's games (some of whom are Meoshi - a hikkomori, Shidou - a police detective, and Wakasa - a teen idol).

General notes: Most all of my prompts are post-canon, but feel free to think of missing scenes or AUs for these characters. How would the characters meet in a different setting/time?

Inafune Saki/Meoshi Kouta

Comments: One of the sweetest routes in my opinion because Saki is the one to confess and she ends up kissing him first. In his route, Meoshi and Saki end off going off together and stopping Hogstein's plans together- Meoshi becoming more open along the way and pulling off the best gambit in the process.

Prompts: What kind of dates do they go on (or what games do they end up playing together)? How would Kouta ask Saki to marry him (and will games be related)? Moments when Kouta takes charge of the relationship? And does Kouta take tips from games for his relationship with Saki? (Will he start playing galges to try to better understand her?) Kouta become stunned when he talks to Saki's uncle (game creator of Megaman) and she teases him about it? Is there a game that Saki can beat Kouta in (getting help in training from others or doing it by herself)?

Inafune Saki/Shidou Subaru

Comments: Shidou respects Saki even in the other routes for her mind - he constantly asks her to think of a solution to the problems they are facing and admits such. Saki earlier calls him out for his sexist behavior -protecting her because she is a woman and thus weaker- (which he apologizes for) and during the route they become more comfortable with each other (and are teased when they are found out by the others).

Possible prompts: What kind of trials would their relationship face post-canon? (Does Shidou get more suave or does he still have dorky moments? And does Saki get to verify if his hair is balding/really is spiky from the get go and how?) Dates with everyone else they know watching/meddling? What kind of mess will these two get themselves into next? Do they track down criminals (Hogstein or otherwise) together in the future?

Inafune Saki/Wakasa Towa

Comments: Even in other routes one might think that Wakasa has a crush of sorts on Saki because he's usually around to comment on her relationship with others ('even with a handsome popular guy like me around...'). In his route he clearly matures from a spoiled arrogant boy into a guy willing to protect his loved one even if he's afraid. (He admits that he felt unhappy because Mitarashi saved Saki during the hospital explosion instead of him saving her and works to improve himself.)

Prompts: Do people find out explicitly that Saki is Wakasa's girlfriend (and what trials will the couple undergo hiding their relationship)? What kind of dates do they go on? Will Wakasa's career moves be affected by his relationship with Saki? Going on a trip together where no one knows him?

月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Canon: A manga (with an anime adaptation) about a high school boy (Nozaki Umetarou) who draws shoujo manga (manga for girls) under a pseudonym. Sakura Chiyo, the high school girl who has a crush on him, decides to help him with his manga (and Nozaki gains other helpers as the story goes on). Seo Yuzuki is a delinquent girl who is in Sakura's class who lives to tease/torment people (sometimes without her knowing it) but who is also Lorelei (famed member of the Choir Club for her amazing voice). The manga/anime directly subverts/discusses common shoujo manga tropes and how realistic/unrealistic they can be.

Nozaki Umetarou/Seo Yuzuki

Comments: From the start, Nozaki has always been rubbed by Seo the wrong way. (Being accused of being a lolicon, being abandoned with papers, etc. in the first meeting alone. His appreciation of her voice is ruined by knowing her personality, much to his chagrin. Currently he is suffering through knowing that Waka likes Seo as Lorelei but hates Seo as herself for causing him stress. Seo, of course, does not correct this problem herself.) Seo, herself, doesn't seem to hold any animosity against Nozaki (although she does question why Nozaki and Chiyo have been hanging out more recently). Nozaki has based a male character in his manga off Seo (Oze). A crackship if anything else but with numerous hilarious possibilities.

Prompts: Being forced to go on a date for some reason (research for his manga, trying to make Waka jealous, Waka asking Nozaki to accompany Seo to something to spare his poor teammates, Seo trying to find out more about Nozaki for Chiyo's sake, etc.) and what horrors may occur. Being forced to act in a play with each other or going through a test of courage together. Can love be born out of hate/misunderstandings? Post-canon, do these two still meet each other (and under what circumstances)?

Seo Yuzuki & Sakura Chiyo

Comments: I love their friendship and how they both support each other in their own ways (Chiyo supporting Seo's singing, Seo's kindness to Chiyo that she doesn't give most anyone like when she gave Chiyo her umbrella). A friendship born from sitting next to each other; it's clear that Seo tells Chiyo more things than other people (for example showing her Waka's 'challenge' letter and telling her about the gloves he gave her).

Prompts: Seo finding out what exactly Chiyo and Nozaki do in the apartment (drawing manga) and causing havoc. Chiyo actively deciding to help Seo and Waka with their relationship (built on so many misunderstandings). Seo attempting to be a wingman for Chiyo (and possibly causing more confusion and stress for everyone, misunderstandings for Nozaki).


Canon: Gokusen is a manga (with anime and live-action adaptation) about Yamaguchi Kumiko, a new teacher who is determined to succeed at Shirokin in teaching her delinquent students while hiding that she is the granddaughter of the infamous Kuroda group (yakuza). Odagiri Ryu is a live-action adaptation only character (present in the second season of Gokusen and the movie) who is helped by Yankumi to go back to school and is ultimately inspired to follow her path as a teacher.

Odagiri Ryu/Yamaguchi Kumiko

Comments: While I'm fond of the more popular ships for the TV series, I really do like this couple - there's something in how they support each other that really makes me happy. And Ryu's becoming a teacher in the Gokusen TV movie = <333 - he wouldn't have been able to do this without Yankumi.

Prompts: I'd love to see any stolen moments between them during the series or post series (post-movie also, if you are so inclined). Do they end up working at the same school? Does Yankumi give Ryu chocolate again but this time, as a colleague? What will Ryu do to make Yankumi see him as an equal? AUs where they meet each other in different circumstances or Ryu decides to go into the Yakuza world post-graduation?


Canon: Hakuouki is a video game (with an anime/manga adaptation) set in the Bakumatsu Era about a young girl (Yukimura Chizuru) who comes to Kyoto looking for her father. She is caught by the Shinsengumi after witnessing something she wasn't supposed to and subsequently gets deeply involved in their affairs. (But there are many dark secrets, some of Chizuru herself.) Nagakura Shinpachi and Yamazaki Susumu are members of the Shinsengumi, while Amagiri Kyuuju is a member of the opposing side (previously an ally).

Disclaimer: I don't mind if you use either game or anime (series/oav, or movies) for this. The remake is coming out in Japan next month; feel free to use any details from this (I'll be spoiling myself anyway).

Amagiri Kyuuju/Yukimura Chizuru
Comments: Particularly in Saitou's route, one can see that Amagiri would rather Chizuru die than be maltreated by Kazama (as the big bad of the route). This caring for her well-being/sanity struck me as rather sweet (and is the birth of my belief in this crack ship). In all routes Amagiri clearly respects Chizuru and Chizuru finds Amagiri polite and honorable to a fault, compared to his other companions.

Prompts: "Amagiri decides that the best person to protect Yukimura Chizuru from Kazama/humans is him and acts accordingly." How would an Amagiri route go? (Would it go something like Kazama's route, or be different?) Bodyguard AUs where he is tasked to protect her from suitors as his duty? AUs where Chizuru is left not with Kodo but with Amagiri's clan instead, or she is tasked to find her demon heritage instead when Kodo doesn't return (or encounters Amagiri's side of the war first)?

Nagakura Shinpachi/Yukimura Chizuru

Comments: Nagakura is shown to be openly kind to Chizuru (compared to many of the Shinsengumi captains) and willing to explain many things to her (usually about history and politics, which makes Chizuru admire him). His not taking the water of life and his final fate in history also bodes well for a happy ending with Chizuru (in a possible route). There is one point in the general route, though, where he acts differently - if one chooses to stay in one's room instead of investigating the night Sannan takes the Water of Life, later the player will overhear the captains talking and she gets caught; while all of the captains look at her with mistrust, special attention is given to Nagakura's reaction to her - "As he passed, Nagakura’s eyes met mine for an instant, and I saw in them the same hostility I’d felt the night I arrived."

Prompts: How would a Nagakura route go? How would it differ from Harada's route (considering that Chizuru goes with both of them in Harada's route)? Re: Nagakura's reaction to her post-Sannan drinking the Water of Life, this was never addressed again in the game - any missing scenes/events addressing this would be wonderful! How does Nagakura confess to Chizuru (by comments in the OAV, Nagakura isn't so good with the ladies esp. compared to Hijikata and Sano) and does he have problems doing so? Meeting each other again post-war and finding it's the right time for them?

Yamazaki Susumu/Yukimura Chizuru

Comments: It is clear that Yamazaki's relationship with Chizuru changes over the course of the game from suspicion (Ikeda) to trust (particularly in Okita's route). In the extras, we do see Yamazaki, among other things, pretend to be a ninja and protect her from drunk Choshu samurai ^^; His concern for her is best seen in Okita's route where he tells Okita to tell her to rest, how he insists he will accompany her to her house in Edo because he was tasked to protect her and Okita, and their final goodbye (*bawls*).

Prompts: Anything about these two together would be wonderful, all the missing scenes possibilities <3 (And feel free to edit Yamazaki's fate.) Helping to treat the Shinsengumi together? Attempting to spy on enemies again together (hopefully a better attempt than infiltrating Shimabara and pretending to be a lady and ninja)? Is there a possibility of Yamazaki drinking the Water of Life and would he do it for Chizuru? (And what would be the aftermath of that?) How would a Yamazaki route go? Bodyguard AUs/Lady and Ninja AUs?

Long Live the Queen

Canon: Long Live the Queen is a visual novel stat-raising game about Princess Elodie, next in line to the throne, who has to make it to her coronation day (amidst various trials that may kill her/dethrone her). Depending on the player's choices, Elodie can become proficient in numerous skills such as Cryptography and Poisons and earn different endings for herself and her kingdom. Adair and Linley are both possible suitors of Elodie (both unlocked by certain choices in the game).

General notes: Since we only get a few sentences of how romance goes for Elodie in general, I'd love anything that expands on the little that is given.


Comments: Bonding over animals, knowing you've saved him from possible death at the hands of his grandfather... We know from the ending that their marriage is "more like friends than lovers". In the newest update, they share a kiss during a weekend event.

Prompts: The second kiss (what occasion, who initiates). What kind of life do the two lead together? Do they have lots of pets? Have many adventures (possibly into the Old Forest)? Is there an event that changes their feelings for each other?


Comments: No interactions at all except if the player chooses him to dance with the ball (which unlocks the option to choose him at the end). What is known is that he's two years older than Elodie and was kind to her in school, and he cherished her in their marriage.

Prompts: Moments when these two were at school? (What were the instances that Linley was kind to Elodie?) What are his thoughts on her asking him to dance at the ball? Stories about their married life (and possible formal courtship before marriage)?

Penguin Brothers

Canon: Penguin Brothers is a manga about Mishima Hina, a earnest teenager who enrolls in a school where students choose to be either in the 'White', 'Black', or 'Gray' groups and only follows the leaders of each group in the first two cases. (Grays are independent and do not have uniforms, while the White and Black groups have their own uniforms. Each group argues with the others.) Hina declares herself leader of the 'Grays' and vows to eliminate the White and Black groups. Other characters are Isshiki Shou, the leader of the Whites and is revealed to be Hina's childhood friend (whom she has lost all memories of), Koshiba Tetsuta (Hina's greatest supporter and fellow Gray, a master of computers), Nishizaki Kaito (the leader of the Blacks, antagonistic relationship with Isshiki Shoui), Iijima Yutaka (a Gray, feared because of her connection to the Yakuza, ex-girlfriend of Nishizaki), and Usami Ruu (childhood friend of Hina and one of her earliest supporters in the school; has a crush on Koshiba but supports Koshiba and Hina).

General comments: AUs for this canon are definitely welcome.

Isshiki Shoui/Mishima Hina

Comments: Isshiki's feelings are known by the main cast, but he hasn't confessed to Hina (though Hina has been told of them by Koshiba). At the end of the manga she promised him to be friends forever. He tells Koshiba that after he has succeeded in becoming a better man, he will come for her (and steal her from a French boy if needed).

Prompts: What do they say in letters? Does Isshiki really steal her away from a French boy? ^^; How are they years down the road? (What does Hina want to do as a career?)

Mishima Hina/Tetsuta Koshiba

Comments: Koshiba has confessed his feelings for Hina, but Hina has rejected him. Koshiba is also Hina's first kiss. All throughout the manga it is shown that they trust each other and are willing to get hurt to protect each other (Koshiba willing to give up a finger to get Yutaka to help her being one example); they call themselves the sunny combination (because of their names). At the end of the manga, she tells him that she can't answer his feelings properly and will give him a proper answer when she comes back from France.

Prompts: Any missing scenes in the manga? What do they say in emails post-canon? What happens when Hina comes back (and will Hina accept Koshiba's feelings)? What do these two work on next?

Nishizaki Kaito/Iijima Yutaka

Comments: They only dated for three days and broke up because of a misunderstanding (supposedly Nishizaki cheated on Yutaka with an older woman/friend). In their friendship beforehand (which started with Yutaka hearing Nishizaki defend her standoffish ways to classmates and her sharing food with him) both of them grew to care for each other. When they broke up, Yutaka closed her heart to friendship with most people. (Both still implied to have unresolved feelings for each other.) At the end of the manga, the misunderstanding is explained and Hina advises Yutaka to mend things with Nishizaki.

Prompts: Getting over their awkwardness with each other and clearing the air - how would their relationship rekindle? How are they many years down the road? (Does Nishizaki become yakuza? Does Yutaka leave the Iijima household and live a normal life with Nishizaki?) Missing scenes from their friendship/relationship pre-canon?

Tetsuta Koshiba/Usami Ruu

Comments: Usami Ruu, being a White, was mistrusted by Koshiba at the start when Ruu approached Hina wanting to rekindle their childhood friendship. This was overcome eventually with Hina's unwavering faith in Ruu (making Koshiba declaring that if Hina trusted her, that was good enough for him) and Ruu's becoming stronger to stand up to abuse. Ruu has feelings for Koshiba (for reasons unexplained) which is known by Yutaka and Hina, while Koshiba has declared his feelings for Hina (and was rejected). Still, at the end of the manga, Ruu says that 'regarding Koshiba-kun, I want to try'.

Prompts: Overcoming mistrust in the manga (especially with the snake saga), possibly getting to know each other better post-manga? Why did Ruu really get a crush on Koshiba (it wasn't explicitly explained)? How does she deal with her feelings for him post-manga (and especially knowing that Koshiba likes Hina)? How would Koshiba's feelings change?

Penguin Revolution

Canon: Penguin Revolution is a manga about Fujimaru Yukari, a girl who has a knack for telling who has 'star power', and her days managing Katsuragi Ryo as his manager (crossdressing as a male for this). Both of them live with Mashiba Ayaori, who is the number one star of their talent agency, Peacock.

General comments: AUs definitely welcome.

Fujimaru Yukari/Katsuragi Ryo

Comments: While there's a kiss and Ryo definitely knows his feelings for her and it's hinted that Yukari feels the same, nothing definite in the relationship.

Prompts: Post-canon, will Ryo confess his feelings to her? Any missing scenes (like a date-like event like Aya had with Yukari once the news of his father's/Ryo's mother's car accident broke) in the manga? Does Ryo keep in touch with Yukari while he's abroad?

Fujimaru Yukari/Mashiba Ayaori

Comments: Aya has confessed to Ryo his feelings for Yukari, but Yukari is blissfully unaware of them.

Prompts: Will Aya ever confess his feelings to Yukari? Do they keep in touch while he's abroad? Does Yukari keep a scrapbook of articles of Aya (and update it) while he's abroad? Any missing scenes where these two goof off together?

Fujimaru Yukari/Mashiba Ayaori/Katsuragi Ryo

Comments: Their familiarity with each other (and living with each other) makes them such a feasible OT3. :) At the end we do see that they come back and meet Yukari again. :)

Prompts: They watch Stairway of Dreams together ((the movie Aya and Ryo were the lead characters in) and the two boys notice how affected Yukari is of their characters kissing? Would they live together again post-epilogue? How would an OT3 occur? Working together post-epilogue?

Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)

Canon: Pokemon is a series of video games (with mangas, animes, multiple spin-off games) about a young trainer (the player character) setting out on his/her Pokemon journey. Calem and May are both player/rival characters of the two newest games (Pokemon ORAS and Pokemon XY).

Calme/Haruka | Calem/May

Comments: No chance of real evidence, but I find the possibility of two young champions of different regions very intriguing. Other permutations are also intriguing: one of them being the rival character and one being the champion, or both being the rival characters.

Prompts: Anything goes here, dynamics depending on whether they are both Champions or both the rival characters or one is a champion and the other is a rival character. Researching Mega Evolution together (with or without involvement of other people). How and why would they meet (Champions Tournament? Researching on Mega Stones and challenging each other for a Mega Stone? Randomly running into each other in Lumiose City and Calem telling May that if she runs out of money she can battle the driver instead of paying? XP)? Does one of them blow the other out of the water in a Pokemon Battle in another region/one of their home regions and the other wonders who they are?

Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis

Canon: Prince of Tennis is a manga/anime about Echizen Ryoma who with his school's tennis team (Seigaku) attempts to become the best (win Nationals) at tennis. Ryuzaki Sakuno is his cclassmate (who has a crush on him) who was inspired by his tennis. Hiyoshi Wakashi, Niou Masaharu, and Shiraishi Kuranosuke are all members of rival tennis teams (Hyotei, Rikkai, and Shitenhouji), each with their own way of training.

Hiyoshi Wakashi/Ryuuzaki Sakuno

Comments: No interactions at all, but Sakuno watched the Hiyoshi v. Ryoma match (Hyotei v. Seigaku) in Kantou Tournament. We do know that Hiyoshi likes delicate girls (per databook) but otherwise most of what we know of Hiyoshi is that he is fixated on beating Atobe (his captain) and his style of tennis is martial arts based.

Prompts: In what circumstances would these two meet and get to know each other better? (Exchange student program, meeting each other at Seigaku/Hyotei training camps, omiai, etc.) How would these two get together (especially considering Sakuno's feelings for Ryoma)? How would their first date go? What would be their senpai's reactions to finding out they are together?

Niou Masaharu & Ryuuzaki Sakuno

Comments: Niou Masaharu is the 'Trickster of the Court' and is fond of playing tricks on rivals and teammates alike (and has the skill 'Illusion' which allows him to mimic other tennis players' skills to the point of looking like them even). No interactions at all, though we do know that Sakuno witnessed Rikkaidai v. Seigaku at Nationals. Crackfriendship! While I also like them together, the potential of their friendship is so wide-ranging (Sakuno telling people that Niou is trustworthy with Niou grinning and asking them if they don't trust her... then pranking them when her back is turned?).

Prompts: How do they meet and what kind of friendship do they have? (And what are the reactions of other people seeing them as friends? Would they be suspicious? Amused? Both?) What kind of adventures would they get up to? (And will it involve pranking Rikkai/Seigaku/random people?) Does Niou screen/prank the boys that try to get close to Sakuno or the boys she likes? Do they play matchmaker for one another?

Shiraishi Kuranosuke/Ryuuzaki Sakuno

Comments: Shiraishi is the captain of Shitenhouji and is known for his 'Perfect Tennis'. (He tends to not like girls who chase after guys per data book and is a health maniac. Recognized as 'The Bible', he keeps his tennis forearm wrapped in bandages and calls it his 'poison arm' to control his wild teammate.) One confirmed interaction - during the Shitenhouji match, Ryoma and Sakuno meet Kintarou and then Shiraishi comes to pick Kintarou up; he reminds Kin-chan of the poison hand but when Kintarou leaves admits to Ryoma and Sakuno that it's a lie when she asks.

Prompts: I'd love any take on how they could get together (especially with Sakuno's feelings for Ryoma), how they act with each other on dates (does Shiraishi convert Sakuno into raising poisonous plants? Does Sakuno start using more mushrooms in cooking thanks to Shiraishi) or how their respective friends find out they're together :) Ryuzaki Sakuno is perfectly clumsy. They balance each other out. Maybe there is an exchange program that one of them participates in? Or another training camp with their schools that help them get to know each other better?

Again, thank you for writing for me and I'm sure I'll love whatever you will write for me :) If you have any questions, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on this post or ask through the mods :)

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