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Dear Yuletide Writer:

Hello! I'm really happy that we've matched on any of my fandoms + character/s, because I would love to see more fanworks for any of them :) I'm so excited for this exchange and I've been looking forward to it all year and I hope that you're enjoying it as much as I am :)

First of all, I apologize for the length of this letter - feel free to skip whatever doesn't interest you! My prompts are a mix of phrases and possible plots in line with the theme of this exchange - feel free to ignore/mix/choose what appeals to you in any combination (or just one) or ignore all if you have your own idea :) Feel free also to check out my previous letters for other exchanges on DW and LJ and use prompts from there :)

General Likes:
  • humor, gen, romance, exploring sides of a character that haven't been dwelled on before, and slice-of-life things :)
  • lot of tropes including against all odds, all the firsts (of a relationship or a friendship), arranged marriages that work out, coming of age, competence, drunken confessions, earn your happy endings, embracing imperfections, finding home, happy endings, holiday fics, love letters, maybe ever afters, pretend couples become real, secret identities, soul bonding (or soulmates of any kind/type, strong friendships, unexpected love, unrequited pining that is eventually requited, and UST that eventually gets resolved. 
  • AUs (ex. Victorian, modern, crossover/fusion AUs (with any of the fandoms listed below, any fandom I've written for, or can ask the mods if you want ^^), detective AUs, different era AUs, fairytale AUs, mafia AU, medical AUs) :) I also like canon divergent AUs :)
  • missing scenes, pre-canon, and post-canon stories :)
  • '5 Things' Stories, epistolary, different methods of telling a story (letters, emails, diaries, text messages), interactive fiction :)

Examples of H/C tropes I love: accepting injury to protect someone else, amnesia, atonement, illnesses, comfort food/item, cuddling, disappearing, falls from grace, forced to face fear, hospital stays, hugs, learning to be loved, mistaken identity, being on the run, sacrifices, scars, taking care of someone, trapped together, trust issues

General Dislikes:
  • explicit underage sex (please age up any underage character)
  • bad medicine/science (unless related to canon or plot point)
  • rape/non-con unless needed for plot (and please not explicit)
  • incest
  • scat, bodily fluid play
  • graphic violence
  • genderswap AU, A/B/O, sex worker AUs/characters getting STDs, mpreg
  • bestiality
  • character death (of my requested characters)

I would love to receive anything for any of my requested fandoms and character/s - there are just more prompts for some of them because I had more ideas for some of them. :) My fandoms are ordered alphabetically and not in any order of preference :) I've consumed all my requested fandoms (there are notes for the canons that are currently updating/with upcoming updates) so feel free to use any detail from each, no need to worry about spoilers.

WIth that note: spoilers for all canons listed here (especially the ending of Amnesia: Memories, Hakuouki, Anne of Green Gables).

Amnesia (video game)
Heroine, Orion

Note: I have finished Amnesia: Memories. Some prompts I've given have been somewhat addressed in untranslated game sequels; feel free to use details from there or have your own take on them!

Canon: Amnesia is a video game series (an otome game which has had sequels and has been adapted into an anime) about a girl who loses her memories because a spirit named Orion collided with her mind. Based on the choices one makes, you then find out what your relationship is to guys you apparently know (whether as friend, boyfriend, etc.) and try to regain your memories. The original game recently was translated in English and is available on PC/PS Vita/iOS/Android. 

Comments: One of the reasons I loved Amnesia was the relationship the main character had with Orion and how it evolved from confusion ('bug-shaped thing') to a wonderful companionship which was seen in all the routes. The first time Orion said he had to leave, I honestly almost cried. ORIONNNN. And especially in Toma's/Ukyo's routes, I really felt how much Orion cared for the Heroine and how much she did care for him, especially at the end.

Prompts: Post-canon, how would Heroine and Orion meet again properly? (And talk about the time they've spent together sharing one mind.) Does Orion help Heroine with any problems with her chosen lover (maybe gift-buying/planning a surprise)? Does Heroine show Orion wonderful things in real life? What kinds of misadventures could they encounter together with both of them human (maybe investigating Waka's past or possibly spying on Ikki and Kent doing their math challenges)? (Do they play fighting/rpg games whenever they can?) How would an Orion romance route go (would he suddenly grow up by magical means and then steal her away from all the guys)? Is there a soul link that remains from their experiences together or any lasting repercussions/long term effects (and how will they deal with it)? 

AUs are very welcome - in what other circumstances could these two meet (and what kind of special bond would they have)? 

I ship the heroine with all the main guys (and Waka and Orion). 

Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery
Walter Blythe, Una Meredith

Note: I have read all the Anne of Green Gables books.

Canon: Anne of Green Gables is a beloved book series about Anne Shirley (later Blythe) and her adventures while growing up, and later of her children's. Walter Blythe is her son, while Una Meredith is one of her children's friends.

Comments: So many years ago and I still cry over Walter when I read Rilla of Ingleside. WHY L.M. WHY. Walter was always my favorite Blythe child and I'm very fond of him and wished him so much happiness. Una herself is one of my favorite next gen characters and I love her inner strength, which did shine very much in the last book (but she had me in Rainbow Valley and especially when she talks to Rosemary about her father).  

Prompts: What if Walter didn't die (and was just missing in action); how would these two find each other again? (How would these two deal with the war-torn world together?) Canon-divergent AU where Una actually tells Walter her feelings before he leaves/in a letter? What if Walter did know her feelings (from Rilla or someone else) before he left/during the war? I definitely ship these two together and would love to know how they could get together post-Rilla of Ingleside or maybe during (in any way). Little moments during Rainbow Valley-era or in the era between Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside or during Rilla of Ingleside, even, where they get to know each other better?

AUs for this are very welcome: how would these two meet in different circumstances and what relationship/friendship would they have because of it?

バクダン★ハンダン | Bakudan Handan | Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
Inafune Saki, Meoshi Kouta

Note: I have finished the game.

Canon: Sweet Fuse is an otome/mystery game for the PSP wherein the player character (Iwamine Saki) attends the opening of a video game-themed theme park which is hijacked by a certain Count Hogstein (and his minions) who declares that he will blow up the park in seven days if seven people do not clear his challenges. Saki volunteers and then meets the six other players of Hogstein's games (Meoshi being one of them).
Comments: One of the sweetest routes in my opinion because Saki is the one to confess and she ends up kissing him first. In his route, Meoshi and Saki end off going off together and stopping Hogstein's plans together- Meoshi becoming more open along the way and pulling off the best gambit in the process.
Prompts: What new experiences does Saki help Meoshi with post-canon (maybe help him prepare for working or helping him shop)? What kind of dates do they go on (or what games do they end up playing together)? How would Meoshi ask Saki to marry him (and will games be related; will the others meddle)? Moments when Meoshi/Saki takes charge of the relationship? Will Meoshi take tips from games for his relationship with Saki? (Will he start playing galges to try to better understand her? Or will he ask their friends for help?) Is there a game that Saki can beat Meoshi in (getting help in training from others or doing it by herself)? First times for this cute couple? Does Saki introduce Meoshi to her famous uncle (and is he a fanboy of the Megaman series)?

AUs are very welcome here: how could these two have met in different circumstances and how would they get closer to each other?
Feel free to include all other characters, I do love them all. 

月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Nozaki Umetarou, Sakura Chiyo

Note: I have read up to Chapter 70 of the manga and have finished the anime; feel free to use either. I plan to keep up with the manga until Yuletide reveals. Feel free to use any other characters, I love them all. <3

Canon: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is an ongoing slice-of-life manga series (with an anime adaptation) about a girl named Sakura Chiyo who helps out her classmate Umetarou Nozaki-kun in his secret work as a high school mangaka (with a female pseudonym) and the many varied characters who are their friends. A meta look at shoujo manga cliches.

Comments: Nozaki's obliviousness and Sakura's Nozaki vision &lt;3 Only Nozaki could pull out so many lines like 'would you like to come over' and it all becomes manga related in the end :) But at the festival - Nozaki's move with the apple! &lt;3 As Sakura gets to know Nozaki more she finds more things to love about him (although it doesn't stop her from trying to guide him when he's going down the totally wrong path of his assumptions). 
Possible prompts: What kind of shenanigans will Nozaki and Sakura get into next 'in the name of manga'? (romantic misunderstandings or practicing shoujo manga tropes/lines, just plain hilarious events, finally reporting Maeno's misdeeds, etc.) Will Nozaki ever remember how he and Sakura first met (and Sakura's unintended inspiring of Mamiko's hairstyle)? Will Nozaki ever find out Sakura's feelings and how will this occur? (Sakura confesses/someone finally tells Nozaki/he starts piecing things together/misunderstandings come to a head... so many possibilities.) Any event that Sakura does something for Nozaki 'in the name of manga' (see: the sailor uniform wearing/other shoujo manga standbys) How would these two get together (does it involve manga or people meddling)? In the event that another boy suddenly gets interested in Chiyo for undetermined reasons (possibly romantic or otherwise), how does Nozaki react when he finds out? A day when Sakura ignores/avoids Nozaki for whatever reason (maybe a dare or she's embarrassed) and how does Nozaki take it? Post-high school, do these two still hang out (and work on Nozaki's manga?)

AUs for this are very welcome! How would these two have met in another time (and what kind of thing would Nozaki be working on/studying that Sakura can help him with?) 
Ships: I do ship Hori/Kashima and Seo/Waka as well as Nozaki/Sakura, so I don't mind if these are referenced/mentioned in the story (or part of the plot) as well. 

Yukimura Chizuru

Note: I've played the 3DS/PS3/iOS version (but not the fighting game for PSP) and watched the anime (all three seasons, the movie). I've received a wonderful fanfiction for this fandom recently but would love more fanfiction for this wonderful canon. :) I've been spoiling myself with details for  Shinkai and SSL, but feel free to take your own spin on events occurring there or borrow any details from said games. I have not read the light novel that's recently come out either. I don't mind if you use either the anime TV series/movie/video game.

Canon: Hakuouki is an otome game franchise (with sequels and a prequel; there is also an anime adaptation and manga adaptations) about Yukimura Chizuru who is looking for her missing father and because of extenuating circumstances, has to live with the Shinsengumi (cross-dressing as a man). Of course, the Shinsengumi has secrets, but Chizuru also has such too...

Comments: I really like Chizuru and I did like all the different routes in the games in different ways. Her resilience and resourcefulness especially in that time struck me (because how brave is someone to crossdress as a man and travel from Edo to Kyoto alone, and then live with strange violent men - even after knowing their secret?). 

Prompts: I would love to see missing scenes of her with the Shinsengumi. What other things does she do to help the Shinsengumi during her years with them (what misadventures could happen)? I also love how she interacts with the other characters (friendship/romantic) and would love stories about that (quiet moments with Saitou/Hijikata, reacting to Souji's teasing, getting involved again in the Baka Trio's plans to sneak out, eating snacks with Sen, arguing with Kazama). Post-game scenes with any of the characters! Missing scenes in canon! AU where she isn't separated from Kaoru (and how would that affect the entire plot)? In the forever alone ending, what will she do post-epilogue? (Does she meet up with any of the demons or just live life as peacefully as she can in the human world? Or any of the Shinsengumi survivors?)

All the AUs are very welcome for this canon. Canon divergent AUs where Chizuru is made aware of her being a demon much earlier or becoming entangled with the Shinsengumi another way (or the other side of the war) or if the Shinsengumi was winning the war? How would she meet the Shinsengumi/demons in another place and time? Modern day equivalents (SSL-based or otherwise)? AU where she meets Kazama/Sen/Amagiri/Shiranui/Kaoru first or an AU where she accepts Sen's offer mid-game?
Ships:  I ship her with anyone in the tagset (except Ryuunosuke). How would a route occur with Sannan/Nagakura/Yamazaki/Senhime?) Missing moments during the game/epilogue? Living life after the war together? All the first times~ Raising children with her lover?) Being helped to adjust to the demon culture by the demon she ends up loving (if ever)? 
Protector of the Small
Keladry of Mindelan

Note: I've read all the Tortall books. Feel free to incorporate anything Tamora Pierce has said in interviews. :)

Canon: The Protector of the Small quartet is about Keladry of Mindelan, whose goal is to become a Lady Knight (amidst much opposition) and how she does it. Characters from the other Tortall books do make an appearance, but these can stand alone on their own. 

Comments: Kel is my favorite character in the Tortall Universe (I admire her sheer determination and loved her wry sarcasm as well as her actions) and I would love anything about her :) (I've already been given a wonderful gift about Kel in another exchange, but that just made me want more about her!)
Prompts: What does Kel do after the war? (Does she go back to court or go with the King's Own?) Or what else does she do during the war at New Hope? Does she get to meet up with her friends? If Kel went on another adventure, what would it be (and who would it be with? The King's Own? Neal? Alanna?)? Tell me about Kel being a knight-master (to a female page), what would it be like? (And would she also keep tabs on the female pages like Alanna did her and maybe send secret presents also?) Missing moments during the series (with her friends/Raoul/etc)? Will the Chamber of the Ordeal communicate with her again? Will her exploits during the war be recognized publicly post war, and how would she deal with such? AUs where she has to repeat all four years as a page/becomes a Shang instead (and still ends up in the thick of Tortall somehow)? Adventures/moments showing her special bonds with her friends/Raoul/Wyldon? 
Ships: I ship Kel with Dom, Neal, Merric, and Faleron. :) Something about their figuring out their feelings during canon/post canon and doing something about it would be wonderful, or going on adventures together and stuff happening there :) How would the practical Kel be won? 

Again, thank you for writing for me and I'm sure I'll love whatever you will write for me :) If you have any questions, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on this post or ask through the mods :)

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