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 Dear Chocolatier,

Hello! I'm really happy that we've matched on any of my fandoms + relationships, because I would love to see more fanworks for any of them :) I love this exchange for so many reasons and I'm glad I get to participate once again :)

First of all, I apologize for the length of this letter - feel free to skip whatever doesn't interest you! My prompts are a mix of phrases and possible plots in line with the theme of this exchange - feel free to ignore/mix/choose what appeals to you in any combination (or just one) or ignore all if you have your own ideas :) Feel free also to check out my previous letters for other exchanges on DW and LJ and use prompts from there :) Of course if you have your own ideas, feel free to use them as well! 

General Likes:

  • humor, gen, romance, exploring sides of a character that haven't been dwelled on before, and slice-of-life things :)
  • lot of tropes including against all odds, all the firsts (of a relationship or a friendship), arranged marriages that work out, coming of age, competence, drunken confessions, earn your happy endings, embracing imperfections, finding home, happy endings, holiday fics, love letters, maybe ever afters, pretend couples become real, secret identities, soul bonding (or soulmates of any kind/type, strong friendships, unexpected love, unrequited pining that is eventually requited, and UST that eventually gets resolved. 
  • AUs (ex. Victorian, modern, crossover/fusion AUs (with any of the fandoms listed below, any fandom I've written for, or can ask the mods if you want ^^), detective AUs, different era AUs, fairytale AUs, mafia AU, medical AUs) :) I also like canon divergent AUs :)
  • missing scenes, pre-canon, and post-canon stories :)
  • '5 Things' Stories, epistolary, different methods of telling a story (letters, emails, diaries, text messages), interactive fiction :)

Examples of H/C tropes I love: accepting injury to protect someone else, amnesia, atonement, illnesses, comfort food/item, cuddling, disappearing, falls from grace, forced to face fear, hospital stays, hugs, learning to be loved, mistaken identity, being on the run, sacrifices, scars, taking care of someone, trapped together, trust issues

General Dislikes:

  • explicit underage sex (please age up any underage character)
  • bad medicine/science (unless related to canon or plot point)
  • rape/non-con unless needed for plot (and please not explicit)
  • incest
  • scat, bodily fluid play
  • graphic violence (human, animal)
  • genderswap AU, A/B/O, sex worker AUs/characters getting STDs, mpreg
  • bestiality
  • character death (of my requested characters)
  • breaking up any of my preferred ships (unless otherwise mentioned in prompts)

General art prompts: playing together, dancing together, laughing together. Taking a picture! Hugs/kisses. Leaning on the other's shoulder. Holding hands. Sharing food. 

I would love to receive anything for any of my requested fandoms and relationships - there are just more prompts for some of them because I had more ideas for some of them. :) My fandoms are ordered alphabetically and not in any order of preference :) I've consumed all my requested fandoms (everything available in English) so feel free to use any detail from each! (More specific details noted per fandom.)

逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney
Garyuu Kyouya | Klavier Gavin/Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye, Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye/Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, Kidzuki Kokone | Athena Cykes/Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice, Kidzuki Kokone | Athena Cykes/Yuugami Jin | Simon Blackquill

Notes: I have played all of the six main games in English as well as Miles Edgeworth: Investigations. I have not bought the DLC available for AA6.

General prompts:
Spending time together during/post/before cases (holidays or just normal days). A trip together to an exotic/nonexotic land (for work or for pleasure). Shopping together. Confessions that are unexpected. Valentines' Day shenanigans (all the things that can go wrong or something that goes right). Working together on a case. Growing together. AUs of any kind are very welcome (fairytale, medieval, etc.).

Specific prompts: 
Garyuu Kyouya | Klavier Gavin/Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye: How does Klavier feel about Ema being Nahyuta's favored partner in investigations? (And what does he do about it?) Ema comparing the two men, pros and cons. Stories of what Klavier and Ema were doing during AA5/before AA6/post-AA6. A revival concert where Ema is roped into being security again.  Creative/romantic uses of forensic science.
Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye/Nahyuta Sahdmadhi: How to make a man blush, in ten ways. Ema comparing working for Klavier vs. Nahyuta, pros and cons. Creative/romantic uses of forensic science. A surprise vacation/trip Nahyuta springs on Ema that she thinks is actually a case investigation. 
Kidzuki Kokone | Athena Cykes/Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice:
"We're all right" (a reflection on post-AA5 or post-AA6 Athena and Apollo, how they make their relationship stronger). Letters/emails post-AA6. The continuing education of Athena by Apollo in lawyering or other things. Apollo invites Athena for a visit post-AA6. Apollo's return post-AA6.
Kidzuki Kokone | Athena Cykes/Yuugami Jin | Simon Blackquill: Showing Simon the world, post-AA5. Simon being overprotective not just because Athena is the daughter of his mentor and his friend. Embarrassing confessions/moments post-AA5 or AA6 as Athena finds her own way and Simon reacquaints himself with the world beyond the prison bars.  Athena being a wingwoman for Simon that backfires in hilarious ways (or vice versa).

Art prompts: Hugs/kisses. Falling asleep on a couch together. Another day at work. Sharing food with each other? Crossovers with other anime/games. In court. Stealing their partner's clothing (or some pieces of it?).

Code: Realize

Notes: I finished playing the PS Vita game, awaiting the release of the fandisk in English (am aware that there is a Holmes route). Feel free to use the CGs of the fandisk as inspiration! I don't mind if you use the Japanese or English ways of referring to the characters (ex. Van vs. Van Helsing, Fran vs. Victor). 

General prompts:
Missing scenes during the Cardia training chapter "A Girl's Education" or anywhere else during the game. Post-canon scenes. Growing old together. AUs - fairytale, modern, medieval, fantasy, Pokemon, anything! Anniversaries. Letters when they're separated. New adventures post-canon. Encounters with another literary character/s in Steampunk London (or elsewhere)? Attempting to surprise their partner (success or failure). All the first times. Visiting a new place together.

Specific prompts: 
Cardia Beckford/Abraham Van Helsing: Their first kiss (or contact) when Cardia finally is safe to touch. Van getting jealous over Cardia getting attention from other men. Cardia trying to do more girlfriendly-like things for Van. Van teasing/trolling Cardia with seductive words.
Cardia Beckford/Arsène Lupin: He asks her to help him with his next heist (where they may or may not run into Herlock Sholmes). Lupin teasing Cardia over her shyness (or maybe Cardia teases him back). Exchanging presents.
Cardia Beckford/Herlock Sholmes: A look at what a Holmes look could be like (whether spin-off of any other route or not; e.g. what if Cardia had been found by Sholmes first or what if Sholmes had been the one to find her in Van's route when she'd disappeared). Teasing/outwitting Lupin together. Post-normal endings of other routes, they keep running into each other (or have to work together).
Cardia Beckford/Saint-Germain: Negotiations (silly or serious). Offshoots of other routes' normal endings/what ifs. (What if something more had happened during their first meeting? Nightly visits to the library for Cardia helping her to learn more about the man shrouded in mystery?)
Cardia Beckford/Victor Frankenstein: She helps him with his research in various ways he expected (and some he didn't). Having to pretend being married for some reason (for the Crown?). Cardia being innocently naive about something much to Victor's embarrassment/frustration.
Impey Barbicane/Cardia Beckford: Creating something together. Impey teaches Cardia how to do something (cooking, etc.). How Cardia negotiates Sisi's friendship with Impey. 
Art prompts: Hugs/kisses. Running/dancing together. Exchanging presents. Helping each other dress up. Cosplaying other anime/video games. Sharing food? Spending time with Sisi. Chibi art welcome!

Crossover Fandom
Atobe Keigo (Prince of Tennis)/Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Cassandra Mortmain (I Capture the Castle)/Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia), Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)/Tris Prior (Divergent), Ryuuzaki Sakuno (Prince of Tennis)/Fujisaki Akari (Hikaru no Go) 

Notes: I have read the entire Harry Potter series (along with Cursed Child but have not seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them nor have kept up with Pottermore revelations). Have read the entire Prince of Tennis manga and watched the anime and currently catching up on what available media there are for New Prince of Tennis. I have read all the books of Chronicles of Narnia, Hunger Games, and Divergent. I have read the entire Hikaru no Go manga but have not finished the anime. 

General prompts:
How could they meet? Strange relationships spring out of an incident and what is it? Long-distance relationships/friendships. Running into each other all the time. AUs are welcome as well (probably a given =P). 

Specific prompts: 
Atobe Keigo (Prince of Tennis)/Hermione Granger (Harry Potter): When Atobe is studying in England (post-Prince of Tennis or maybe post-New Prince of Tennis), he comes across a witch... (or maybe Hermione comes across Atobe). In the post-Voldemort world, negotiations with the Muggle world have to be made, and perhaps the Atobe Corporation has decided to engage in international affairs. Atobe catching Hermione off-guard with charm and maybe a rare amount of vulnerability. 
Cassandra Mortmain (I Capture the Castle)/Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia): The novel Cassandra writes is picked up by Lucy and a correspondence/meeting is made. Visiting each others' treasured places. 
Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)/Tris Prior (Divergent): Somehow, they end up saving each other. (Strange circumstances - maybe Four and Peeta are out of the picture permanently because of circumstance/happenstance). 
Ryuuzaki Sakuno (Prince of Tennis)/Fujisaki Akari (Hikaru no Go): While their friends are going pro, they make their own way in the worlds of Go/Tennis. Teaching each other their sports.  

月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Hori Masayuki/Sakura Chiyo, Mamiko/Suzuki Saburou, Mikoshiba Mikoto/Sakura Chiyo, Mikoshiba Mikoto & Sakura Chiyo, Nozaki Umetarou/Sakura Chiyo, Seo Yuzuki/Wakamatsu Hirotaka, Tomoda/Dating Sims Protagonist

Notes: I've watched the anime and am currently reading the manga. 

General prompts:
How they got together. Post-canon moments. AUs of any kind - medieval, fantasy, Pokemon, anything. Doing something new together. Secret confessions (or confessions that go awry). Silly moments during canon. Any riff on shoujo manga tropes (how things really work in reality). Valentine's Day: WHAT CAN GO WRONG.

Specific prompts:
Hori Masayuki/Sakura Chiyo: A subtle courtship that occurs during the deadlines of Nozaki's manga (messages written in the draft?). When everyone else in the group is insane, their only sane minds find each other comforting. Parsing/correcting another of Nozaki's strange leaps of logic in his manga together again.
Mamiko/Suzuki Saburou: What is the actual way they get together (or all the drafts Nozaki throws out of this pivotal moment)? Post-high school, what kind of story do they have? Stranger stories of these two (from Nozaki's mind), e.g. the cliff scene (how do they actually get into a life-or-death situation in high school)? 
Mikoshiba Mikoto/Sakura Chiyo: Accidental kisses lead to more (with confused feelings on both ends). Mikoshiba's courtship based on everything he's learned from galge (which may or may not work). Mikorin being lonely and asking for Chiyo's company for some reason.
Mikoshiba Mikoto & Sakura Chiyo:  All the misadventures these two can get. Mikorin and Sakura actually play a galge or otome game together (with them arguing over the 'right' choices). 
Nozaki Umetarou/Sakura Chiyo: A successful confession, finally! School festival shenanigans leading them together. Nozaki dealing with sudden jealousy when another boy takes interest in Sakura. Sakura finally agrees to wear the sailor uniform, much to Nozaki's delight.
Seo Yuzuki/Wakamatsu Hirotaka:  Waka finally finds out that Seo is Lorelei. Seo finally confronts her ?? fondness for Waka. Waka is forced to ask Seo to pretend to be his girlfriend for reasons and Seo goes along with it.
Tomoda/Dating Sims Protagonist: A true route. A conclusion to Nozaki and Mikorin's doujin (potentially where Tomoda fights for Protagonist's love against the odds). Tomoda's feelings (as well as the protagonist's) during the game. 

Art prompts: Working on something together. Hugs/kisses. Themed costumes from other series/silly outfits in general. Sharing food/earphones/manga. Chibi art welcome! 

Gyakuten Yoshiwara | The Men of Yoshiwara (video games)
Hidetomi Misawo & Somei Kiyoha (Gyakuten Yoshiwara), Gakuto/Somei Kiyoha (Gyakuten Yoshiwara), Hidetomi Misawo/Somei Kiyoha (Gyakuten Yoshiwara), Iroha & Gakuto (Gyakuten Yoshiwara), Kagerou & Ageha (Gyakuten Yoshiwara)

Notes: I have played both games to completion on PC (along with side stories, etc.) so feel free to use any facts from such. I have not played any mobile-only content nor PS Vita only content. Hidetomi Misawo is the protagonist/player character from the first game (name given by VNDB).

General prompts:
Life, post-game. Missing scenes in the games. AUs of any kind are welcome (canon-divergent, modern, regency, etc.). First experiences together. 

Specific prompts: 
Gakuto/Somei Kiyoha: Raising a child together. Visiting the mainland together for business or for pleasure. Stolen moments together post-game. Surprising each other.
Hidetomi Misawo & Somei Kiyoha: A friendship between two girls who fall for courtesans, how it forms, how they help each other. 
Hidetomi Misawo/Somei Kiyoha: In a complete rejection of the Yoshiwara system, they fall in love (and don't make a choice of courtesan). 
Iroha & Gakuto: Are they aware of each other? In the post-game, do they work together to fix the system of Yoshiwara? What kind of rivalry might they have being of different establishments (and in one of Gakuto's endings, owning different establishments)? 
Kagerou & Ageha: Learning the arts of courtesans together + competition. How did they come to the relationship they have at the time of the second game? Post-game, what are these two like (as friends/rivals)? 
Art prompts: Falling asleep together. Sharing an umbrella. Eating together. Hugs/kisses.

Amagiri Kyuju/Yukimura Chizuru, Amagiri Kyuju & Yukimura Chizuru, Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru, Hijikata Toshizo/Yukimura Chizuru, Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru, Okita Souji (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru, Saitou Hajime (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru, Senhime (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru,Toudou Heisuke (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru, Yamanami "Sannan" Keisuke/Yukimura Chizuru, Yamazaki Susumu/Yukimura Chizuru, Yamazaki Susumu & Yukimura Chizuru 

Notes: Have played the game with the translated fandisk (PS3 edition) and watched all episodes of the anime (2 seasons, 1 OAV, the prequel anime, the movies). Aware of SSL and the remake but have not played them. Have not watched the chibi episodes yet.

General prompts:
Post-canon moments (how they live after the war, what they do, how they spend the rest of their lives together). Missing moments in canon. AUs - medieval, modern, fairytale, reincarnation, etc. Spending holidays together.

Specific prompts: 
Amagiri Kyuju/Yukimura Chizuru: In a twist of fate, when Chizuru is pressed to choose a demon for her husband she chooses him. (Or when he disapproves of Kazama's ways of courting/claiming her, he takes her away to protect her.) Confessions. 
Amagiri Kyuju & Yukimura Chizuru: Advising Chizuru on the demon customs while she prepares to take her position as head/rebuilding a clan. What are the politics of being a demon?
Harada Sanosuke/Yukimura Chizuru: Raising a child together. She tries to teach him things he doesn't do well (e.g. choosing vegetables, cooking, etc.). Surprise gestures/moments post-canon.
Hijikata Toshizo/Yukimura Chizuru: She tries to find the best way to get him to rest (or otherwise). The day Chizuru tries the medicine Hijikata's family is known for (and she knows it's a scam based on her father's medical background). 
Nagakura Shinpachi/Yukimura Chizuru: Post-war, they find each other. How a Nagakura route would go. Would he take her away from the Shinsengumi when he breaks ties with it? They go on silly adventures together (much to the consternation of everyone else). Post-war, they get together to remember everyone. Nagakura and Chizuru decide to be the wingman/wingwoman for each other (with possibly hilarious results). 
Okita Souji/Yukimura Chizuru: Ways Okita decides to wake Chizuru up from deep sleep (or vice versa). Reincarnation fic. He makes her accompany him on errands for the silliest reasons.
Saitou Hajime/Yukimura Chizuru:  Chizuru surprises Saitou unexpectedly with something (pregnancy, a pet, something he's wanted for a long time). Making Saitou blush. How Saitou takes care of Chizuru even without her knowing it (in many ways).
Senhime/Yukimura Chizuru: How a Sen route would have gone (maybe Chizuru accepts Senhime's offer in the common route or she runs across Senhime first when she gets to Kyoto). Finding each other post-war (maybe the normal ending?).
Toudou Heisuke/Yukimura Chizuru: Chizuru does something for Heisuke. Morning afters. Hilarious pregnancy moments (where Heisuke works himself into a panic over things). 
Yamanami "Sannan" Keisuke/Yukimura Chizuru: How a Sannan route would go (maybe she takes up his offer when he asks her to help him with his experiments)? What if Sannan had been the one to catch Chizuru during Harada's route instead of Harada? Happier times. He asks her for advice of a non-Fury nature.
Yamazaki Susumu/Yukimura Chizuru: How a Yamazaki route would go (maybe branching off from the Ikedaya incident)? They go undercover together again for the Shinsengumi (in ludicrous roles) with more hilarious results. She stays with him instead of leaving him (in various routes). 
Yamazaki Susumu & Yukimura Chizuru: Yamazaki takes up the role of protecting Chizuru in his own way, whether from foes or from romantic advances/designs. Taking care of the Shinsengumi together.

Art prompts: Hugs or kisses. Cosplay as other characters in anime. Falling asleep together. Silly blushes. Running together. Laughing together over something. Cooking together.

Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins

Haymitch Abernathy & Katniss Everdeen, Haymitch Abernathy/Katniss Everdeen, Katniss Everdeen/Finnick Odair, Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark

Notes: I have read all three books and watched all the movies as well.

General prompts:
How they got together. Post-canon moments; missing moments in canon/pre-canon. AUs - modern, cracky, regency, fairytale, etc. 

Specific prompts: 
Haymitch Abernathy & Katniss Everdeen: All the talks/any talk Haymitch and Katniss have over the years about something bothering one of them (post-canon). Misadventures of catching geese (or otherwise). 
Haymitch Abernathy/Katniss Everdeen: Canon-divergent - He goes in with her into the Quarter Quell instead of Peeta. Missing moments in canon where they understand each other perfectly. Drunken adventures. 
Katniss Everdeen/Finnick Odair: What could have happened if Annie and Peeta couldn't be rescued? Teasing Katniss and making her uncomfortable. Katniss catching Finnick off-guard in any way. 
Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark: Milestones together, counting the years. Peeta gives Katniss cooking lessons. Exchanging presents. A trip together to visit friends. 

Pocket Monsters SPECIAL | Pokemon Adventures

Black/White, Crystal/Gold, Crystal/Silver, Crystal/Gold/Silver, Platinum Berlitz/Crystal, Platinum Berlitz/Diamond, Platinum Berlitz/Pearl, Platinum Berlitz/Diamond/Pearl (Pokemon Adventures) 

Note: I've read up to Volume 51 of Pokemon Adventures (and the first four volumes of Pokemon XY). Feel free to ignore new developments in ORAS arc or incorporate them as needed.

General prompts:
Post-canon moments. Missing moments in canon. AUs of any kind - fairytale, modern, medieval, Hogwarts, Hunger Games, anything. Growing old together. Letters while apart. New adventures together. Catching a new Pokemon together. Silly moments. First times. Confessions. Spending the holidays together (normal, maybe making new memorable day for both of them).

Specific prompts: 
Black/White:  Black comes back <33 Missing moments. The real meaning behind lending Braviary to White. In the future, they run another business together. 
Crystal/Gold: Gold sabotages all of Crystal's dates for reasons he can't explain and won't tell anyone. Missing moments during the training with Kimberly/the Emerald arc. He finally gets to tell her what he wanted to tell her about her new outfit (HGSS arc).  He gives her an Egg.
Crystal/Silver:  In the quest to find Gold (again), they realize how much they care for each other. Gold's terrible tips to win a girl (unwanted by Silver). Hair adventures!
Crystal/Gold/Silver: Misadventures the three Pokedex Holders can get into together. One night, revelations come to light. Spending holidays together. 
Platinum Berlitz/Crystal: Researching leads to so much more. Potential frustrations with their other Pokedex holders bring them together. Learning a new skill together/Crystal teaches Platinum something. Experimentation (in more ways than the obvious).
Platinum Berlitz/Diamond: First dates. Platinum decides to learn to cook to surprise him. She inspires a new joke he makes. Dia attempting to teach Platinum how to tell jokes.
Platinum Berlitz/Pearl: Pretend dating for her family/undercover Pokedex Holder work. When Platinum decides to challenge another region's gyms, Pearl can't help but worry (even if he doesn't need to). 
Platinum Berlitz/Diamond/Pearl:  First times, confessions, finding a way to make such work. Telling others. Platinum's sudden research on threesomes that surprises others. The first morning after together.

Art prompts: Sharing an umbrella. With various Pokemon (their own or random ones). Sleeping together. Dancing/running together. Hugs/kisses. Laughing together. One catching the other. Halloween outfits (Pokemon?). Sharing a scarf!

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Calme | Calem/Serena (Video Games), Haruka | May/Calme | Calem (Video Games), Haruka | May/Tsuwabuki Daigo | Steven Stone (Video Games), Haruka | May/Yuuki | Brendan (Video Games), Kotone | Lyra/Red (Video Games), Kotone | Lyra/Silver (Video Games)

Notes: I have played all the games (making my way through Sun/Moon); feel free to use any details from any of them.

General prompts:
How they get together. Confessions. Post-canon moments, missing moments in canon. AUs of any kind (though I'd love to see their Pokemon incorporated in some way, if possible). Raising a Pokemon together. Trading Pokemon to remember each other ~  Avoiding Zubat spawns for the x time and then falling into a terrible trap instead. First times. Going on an adventure together (in or in other regions).

Specific prompts: 
Calme | Calem/Serena: Rematches and what they mean. Sharing a room for one night. Letters while apart. Winning tickets to somewhere and taking the other with them. Strange Kalos customs. 
Haruka | May/Calme | Calem: Two champions meet in a different region, entirely by chance. Double battles. A competition to conquer all the Pokemon Leagues (and what is the prize?). Misinterpretations because of different customs in different regions. What if they'd met each other before they went on their Pokemon journeys?
Haruka | May/Tsuwabuki Daigo | Steven Stone: Rematches and what they mean. Matchmaking father/s. Pretend dating. Odd surprises. Metagross x Metagross battle in the future. May's follow up gift to his gift of Beldum.
Haruka | May/Yuuki | Brendan: BuzzNav: "The Professor and the Champion! Breaking News!" (Everyone ships it.) Running into each other all the time and what could it mean? Terribly romantic/romantically terrible confessions. Working together regarding Mega Evolution/etc. 
Kotone | Lyra/Red: How Lyra gets Red off that mountain, by hook or by crook. Safari Zone competition. If Lyra disappears, Red is the one to find her. Not-date dates. Having to investigate something together. 
Kotone | Lyra/Silver: Mega Evolution in Johto. Having to work together for some reason (research, going undercover, etc). Another encounter with Silver's father. Not-date dates. Challenges, post-game. 
Art prompts: Pokemon battles! With their Pokemon. Flying on a Pokemon together. One falling asleep on the other's shoulder. Hugs/kisses. Exchanging presents. Swapping parts of their clothing. Sharing a scarf!

Tortall - Tamora Pierce 
 Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau/Alexander of Tirragen, Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau & Nealan of Queenscove, Domitan of Masbolle/Keladry of Mindelan,  Faleron of King's Reach/Keladry of Mindelan,  Keladry of Mindelan/Lerant of Eldorne, Keladry of Mindelan/Nealan of Queenscove, Keladry of Mindelan & Nealan of Queenscove, Keladry of Mindelan/Roald II of Conté, Roald II of Conté/Shinkokami of Conté, Yukimi noh Daiomoru/Nealan of Queenscove

Notes: I have read all of the Tortall books, so feel free to use details from all of them. 

General prompts:
Post-canon moments. Missing moments within canon. Letters while apart. Other people gossip about them when they still aren't together, with hilariously disastrous results. Silly moments between friends/lovers. Going on an adventure together. First times. Confessions. Kisses at Midwinter (or any time in general). Playing a prank on someone together. All the AUs are welcome.

Specific prompts: 
Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau/Alexander of Tirragen: How this could have happened. AU where Alanna becomes Alex's squire. A revealing conversation (that might just add more questions in the end) about Alex' true intentions. One moment they were friends and could have been more (before Roger came into the picture maybe)? What if Alex was the first to discover Alanna's secret instead of Jonathan?
Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau & Nealan of Queenscove: All the ways they can insult each other (but still respect each other). Swordfighting lessons (or other things, e.g. things learned from George). Talking about Kel.
Domitan of Masbolle/Keladry of Mindelan: How they get together. Spending the holidays together (in New Hope, in Corus, etc.). Prank war; Kel's winning. Surprise message/items during the war/post-war. People betting on when they'll get together (and attempting to 'secure' their bets). Telling Neal about them. 
Faleron of King's Reach/Keladry of Mindelan: Reconnecting after the war. Stolen/missing moments during Page/Squire. Letters to each other during Squire/Lady Knight/Beyond. Faleron or Kel make each other an offer. Tutoring in Mathematics/Law. Faleron gets assigned to New Hope post-Lady Knight. 
Keladry of Mindelan/Lerant of Eldorne: How they get together (Lerant being in massive denial all the way or as a twist, being assertive in this matter). Having to work together for an extended period of time again. She teaches him swordsmanship/fighting skill in exchange for something undetermined? The most awkward dance ever (maybe at Raoul's wedding?).
Keladry of Mindelan/Nealan of Queenscove: Kel repeats the entire four years of being a page and Neal does take her as his squire. How Squire could have been different for them (e.g. Chikosami did not die, hence no Yuki and Shinko). Missing scenes in the entire series. A different kind of confrontation when they are pages/squires with feelings coming out. 
Keladry of Mindelan & Nealan of Queenscove: The amusing letters they could have sent each other during Squire (where Kel doesn't say things and Neal overshares things) or post-War. Examples where Neal plays wingman (good or bad). Kel becomes his daughter's knightmaster (with possibly disastrous results for Neal).
Keladry of Mindelan/Roald II of Conté: A different kind of alliance is made. Missing scenes from the series. 
Roald II of Conté/Shinkokami of Conté: How an arranged marriage becomes perfectly arranged, little moments not seen in the books (letters? conversations?). Growing old together. 
Yukimi noh Daiomoru/Nealan of Queenscove: What exactly happened in Squire between them? (Letters, parties they attended together at court, etc.) Post-Lady Knight reunions. Letters during the events of Lady Knight (possibly worrying about Kel). Raising their future knight daughter together (and Neal's shock and Yuki's calm acceptance). Yamani and Tortallian customs.

Again, thank you for writing for me and I'm sure I'll love whatever you will write for me :) If you have any questions, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on this post or ask through the mods :)

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